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      pest control

Pest control is a must in Florida. Critters get everywhere. This is carried out by a Licensed Pest control operator.

He will Maintain the inside and outside of the home, to ensure you and your guests have a pleasant stay with out any unwanted company.

     accounting and 


We can pay your bills, tourist and county taxes for you. Taking the worry away. 

We apply for the licenses that you will need if you wish to rent your villa out. 
We record all expenses and incomes monthly and send you a monthly statement with a news letter letting you know of changes and what is going on in this neck of the woods.
We send you accurate end of year Statements for your tax filing purposes.
Taking the stress and worry away from you, so you can enjoy owning a beautiful home in the vacation capitol of the world.


We will advertise and market your home on multiple web sites to ensure a global market of guests. We do not charge our Owners to market their properties on our website or other websites, that is included in our management package.

We will work very hard to place bookings for you to maximize your earnings potential. Were able to process the bookings for you and you can of course market it yourself. Just let us know if a booking is taken. We can give advice and provide guidance on how to market your home to its best potential. 

We are aware that the rental market is a very competitive place and will ensure your home is presented at its best to maximize your booking potential. 


   Pool maintenance

We take care of your pool weekly by trained and licensed staff.

They ensure the correct chemical balance of you pool, spa or hot tub and ensure the filters are cleaned and working efficiently 

The deck and furniture are washed weekly and before each guest arrives.

We will advise you of any maintenance issues with the pool and deck.

        Lawn care

The lawns are mown weekly in the summer and monthly in the winter due to differing growth rates.

Shrubs and trees are trimmed and the pathways and borders are edged to ensure a beautifully manicured garden.

Lawn, shrub and pest treatments will be advised when needed.

      Cleaning and             inspection

Guests demand the best when arriving at their vacation rental home, first impressions count and we aim to provide that for them.  We want your guests to come back again and again and tell their friends, family and colleagues. 
We inspect your home when a guest leaves to ensure that the home is left as you would wish to find it with no damages. 
We have our own cleaners that take a pride in their work to ensure  the homes are cleaned and sanitized to a very high standard and then inspected with our system of checks to ensure this standard is maintained. We will also inspect your home when it is empty to ensure the security of the property and that there are no problems with your home. We will tell you when things need to be replaced and replace them for you. Ensuring everything runs smoothly for you and your guests.


Property maintenance of your vacation rental home is vitally important. Guests expect it to be fully functional and as up to date as possible. We will do everything possible to minimize risk and provide you with a worry free property ownership experience, therefore protecting your investment. We have our own in-house licensed team who will do seasonal and preventative property maintenance to emergency repairs, to help keep costs down. We offer a Prompt, Reliable, Honest and quality service.  We only use reputable and licensed companies for the repairs that cannot be done in house.  We take pride in what we do for you. We are at the end of the phone for our guests and Owners. Most of our guest service calls are taken care of with no additional call out charges to the Owner. These can be air conditioning settings, pool heat concerns and WIFI internet login issues, amonst a few, these are taken care of in our management package.

We believe more is better. That's why we offer a wide range of services. Mixing and matching the services available to meet your property or rental needs is our specialty. And because the needs of every person and property are different, we offer no-obligation consultations so we can tailor the high quality service we give you.

We Know what it is to have your vacation home looked after by someone else, having owned one ourselves and so we are able to bring the thoughts of expectation, What if it was my home and how would i want it to be if i were the guest. We want to take care of your investment for you.

If you are one of the lucky one's who own your own Vacation property here in Central Florida then you know what a delight that can be, but  also if  you are thousands of miles away, a worrying time, unless you know that your home is being looked after, in a professional and exceptional manner. We can help take the worry and stress away.

We would like to thank you for considering us at Sunset Vacation Villas and if you would like to learn more please contact us today.

Contact us for more information: ​(407) 873-7075

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